The IEEE Haptics Symposium 2020 will be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Washington, DC, USA.

For greatest convenience, and to secure all the meeting rooms needed for the conference, it is essential that all attendees book their hotel rooms at the conference hotel.

Making Hotel Reservations

Getting the conference presentation venue is only possible if the attendees stay at the conference hotel. We are required to fill our room allocation, and very much need for all attendees to stay here. A dedicated website is now available for our attendees to book their hotel rooms online. Reservations can be made starting June 21, 2019 at this web address:

Roommate finder

If you would like to find one or more people to share a hotel room with, please fill out the roommate finder form. The information you enter will be shared with other attendees who are looking for a roommate so that you can find suitable matches.

Interior terrace of the venue

Conference room at the venue

Guestroom image

Venue layout