Video Presentations of Technical Papers and ToH Short Papers

This online video program features short video presentations (approx. 3 minutes) prepared by the authors of accepted technical papers and IEEE Transactions on Haptics short papers. The videos are organized in playlists according to thematic sessions that were created for the original conference program. This video program is also available as a set of playlists on the Haptics Symposium YouTube channel.

Oral Session 1: Softness and Soft Haptics
Oral Session 2A: Haptic Rendering
Oral Session 2B: Teleoperation
Oral Session 3: Affective Haptics
Oral Session 4A: Force Feedback
Oral Session 4B: Neuroscience and Biomechanics
Oral Session 5: Haptic Displays
Oral Session 6A: Vibrotactile Feedback
Oral Session 6B: Medical Haptics
Oral Session 7: Haptic Cues and Guidance

Oral Session 1: Softness and Soft Haptics

Soft Haptic Interface based on Vibration and Particle Jamming by Joshua P. Brown and Ildar Farkhatdinov Finalist, Best Technical Paper Award

Elastowave: Localized Tactile Feedback in a Soft Haptic Interface via Focused Elastic Waves by Gregory Reardon, Nikolas Kastor, Yitian Shao, and Yon Visell Winner, Best Technical Paper Award Honorable Mention, Best Video Presentation

Fluidic haptic interface for mechano-tactile feedback by Ge Shi et al.

Time-Dependent Cues Encode the Minimum Exploration Time in Discriminating Naturalistic Compliances by Chang Xu and Gregory J. Gerling Second Honorable Mention, Best Technical Paper Award

Effect of Material Hardness on Friction Between a Bare Finger and Dry and Lubricated Artificial Skin by Koki Inoue, Shogo Okamoto, Yasuhiro Akiyama, and Yoji Yamada

Identifying 3-D Spatiotemporal Skin Deformation Cues Evoked in Interacting with Compliant Elastic Surfaces by Bingxu Li, Steven Hauser and Gregory J. Gerling

Mid-Air Action Contributes to Pseudo-Haptic Stiffness Effects by Takahiro Kawabe

Oral Session 2A: Haptic Rendering

Closed loop application of electroadhesion for increased precision in texture rendering by Roman Grigorii and Edward Colgate

Step-Change in Friction Under Electrovibration by idil ozdamar, M. Reza Alipour Alipour, Benoit Delhaye, Philippe Lefevre, and Cagatay Basdogan

HapToes: Vibrotactile Numeric Information Delivery Via Tactile Toe Display by Preeti Vyas, Feras Al Taha, Jeffrey R. Blum, and Jeremy Cooperstock

Subjective Evaluation of the Spectral Temporal SIMilarity (ST-SIM) Measure for Vibrotactile Quality Assessment by Rania Hassen and Eckehard Steinbach

Path Routing Optimization for STM Ultrasound Rendering by Hector Barreiro, Stephen Sinclair and Miguel A. Otaduy Winner, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

SPH Fluid Tactile Rendering for Ultrasonic Mid-Air Haptics by Jaehyun Jang and Jinah Park

Reducing Amplitude Fluctuation by Gradual Phase Shift in Midair Ultrasound Haptics by Shun Suzuki, Masahiro Fujiwara, Yasutoshi Makino, and Hiroyuki Shinoda

Virtual Bumps Display Based on Electrical Muscle Stimulation by Takaya Ishimaru and Satoshi Saga

Oral Session 2B: Teleoperation

Caring about the human operator: haptic shared control for enhanced user comfort in robotic telemanipulation by Rahaf Rahal, Giulia Matarese, Marco Gabiccini, Alessio Artoni, Domenico Prattichizzo, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, and Claudio Pacchierotti First Honorable Mention, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

Integrating Haptic Data Reduction with Energy Reflection Based Passivity Control for Time-Delayed Teleoperation by Xiao Xu, Michael Panzirsch, Qian Liu, and Eckehard Steinbach

Estimation of Upper-Limb Energy Absorption Capabilities for Stable Human-Robot Interactions by Andres Ramos and Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad

Haptic-Guided Teleoperation of a 7-DoF Collaborative Robot Arm with an Identical Twin Master by Jayant Singh, Aravinda Ramakrishnan Srinivasan, Gerhard Neumann, and Ayse Kucukyilmaz

Prefatory Study of the Effects of Exploration Dynamics on Stiffness Perception by Mohit Singhala and Jeremy DeLaine Brown

Adaptive Packet Rate Control for the Mitigation of Bursty Haptic Traffic in Teleoperation Systems by Ming Gui, Xiao Xu and Eckehard Steinbach

Haptic Object Parameter Estimation During Within-Hand-Manipulation with a Simple Robot Gripper by Delara Mohtasham, Gokul narayanan Sathya narayanan, Berk Calli, and Adam Spiers

Haptic Teleoperation of UAVs through Control Barrier Functions by Dawei Zhang, Guang Yang and Rebecca Khurshid

Oral Session 3: Affective Haptics

Investigating Social Haptic Illusions for Tactile Stroking (SHIFTS) by Cara M. Nunez, Bryce N. Huerta, Allison M. Okamura, and Heather Culbertson Finalist, Best Technical Paper Award

Investigating Electrotactile Feedback on the Hand by Yosuef Alotaibi, Stephen Brewster and John H. Williamson

PATCH: Pump-Actuated Thermal Compression Haptics by Dustin Goetz, David Owusu-Antwi and Heather Culbertson

Interpersonal Vibrotactile Feedback Via Waves Transmitted through the Skin: Mechanics and Perception by Taku Hachisu, Gregory Reardon, Yitian Shao, Kenji Suzuki, and Yon Visell Honorable Mention, Best Video Presentation

Habituation to Pseudo-Ambient Vibrotactile Patterns for Remote Awareness by Jeffrey R. Blum, Jessica Cauchard and Jeremy Cooperstock

Effects of Motion Parameters on Acceptability of Human-Robot Patting Touch by Naghmeh Zamani, Pooja Moolchandani, Naomi T. Fitter, and Heather Culbertson

Preliminary Investigation of Across-Body Vibrotactile Pattern for the Design of Affective Furniture by Yurike Chandra, Benjamin Tag, Roshan Peiris, and Kouta Minamizawa

The calming effect of heartbeat vibration by Yizhen Zhou and Aiko Murata and Junji Watanabe

Oral Session 4A: Force Feedback

Evolving Dyadic Strategies for a Cooperative Physical Task by Saber Sheybani, Eduardo Izquierdo and Eatai Roth Finalist, Best Technical Paper Award

A Hybrid Active-Passive Actuation and Control Approach for Kinesthetic Handheld Haptics by Patrick Dills, Nick Colonnese, Priyanshu Agarwal, and Michael Zinn First Honorable Mention, Best Technical Paper Award Winner, Best Video Presentation

Contact-Free Nonplanar Haptics with a Spherical Electromagnet by Juan Jose Zarate, Thomas Langerak, Bernhard Thomaszewski, and Otmar Hilliges

Impact of Kinematic Structure on the Force Displayability of Planar Passive Haptic Devices by Maciej Lacki, Brayden DeBoon and Carlos Rossa

Effect of Direct Velocity Measurement on the Stability of Haptic Simulation Systems by Victor Alejandro Luna Laija, Pembe Gizem Ozdil and Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad

Respecting the Coupled Dynamics: Haptic Feedback Carries Both Power and Information by Steven Cutlip, Jim Freudenberg and Brent Gillespie

Evidence of Sensory Adaptation to Kinaesthetic Sensations in the Human Somatosensory System by Antoine Weill–Duflos, Sophia Sakr, Dogan Sinan HALIYO, and Stéphane Régnier

Efficacy of Haptic Pedal Feel Compensation on Driving with Regenerative Braking by umut caliskan and Volkan Patoglu

Compact Series Visco-Elastic Joint (SVEJ) for Smooth Torque Control by Domenico Chiaradia, Luca Tiseni and Antonio Frisoli

Oral Session 4B: Neuroscience and Biomechanics

Changes in Normal Force During Passive Dynamic Touch: Contact Mechanics and Perception by David Gueorguiev, Julien Lambert, Jean-Louis Thonnard, and Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Tactile Exploration Strategies with Natural Compliant Objects Elicit Virtual Stiffness Cues by Chang Xu, Hankun He, Steven Hauser, and Gregory J. Gerling

The Effect of Contact Surface Curvature on the Accuracy of Fingernail Imaging for Tactile Force Measurement by Navid Fallahinia and Stephen Mascaro

Compensating for Fingertip Size to Render Tactile Cues More Accurately by Eric Young, David Gueorguiev, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, and Claudio Pacchierotti

Detection of Tactile Feedback on Touch-Screen Devices Using EEG Data by Haneen Alsuradi, Chaitali Pawar, Wanjoo Park, and Mohamad Eid

On the Role of Lateral Force in Texture-Induced Motion Bias During Reaching Tasks by Gemma Carolina Bettelani, Alessandro Moscatelli and Matteo Bianchi Finalist, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

Phase difference between normal and shear forces during tactile exploration represents textural features by Hikaru Hasegawa, Shogo Okamoto and Yoji Yamada

Three-dimensional Measurement of Skin Displacement Using Index Matching and Stereoscopy by Satoshi Tanaka, Seitaro Kaneko and and Hiroyuki Kajimoto

Relationship between spatial variations in static skin deformation and perceived roughness of macroscopic surfaces by Shogo Okamoto and Ariei Oishi

Oral Session 5: Haptic Displays

PUMAH : Pan-tilt Ultrasound Mid-Air Haptics for larger interaction workspace in virtual reality by Thomas Howard, Maud Marchal, Anatole Lecuyer, and Claudio Pacchierotti Finalist, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award Honorable Mention, Best Video Presentation

SurfaceFlow: Large Area Haptic Display Via Compliant Liquid Dielectric Actuators by Yitian Shao, Siyuan Ma, Sang Ho Yoon, Yon Visell, and James Holbery

Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes: Can Toes Match Fingers for Haptic Discrimination? by Preeti Vyas, Feras Al Taha, Jeffrey R. Blum, Antoine Weill–Duflos, and Jeremy Cooperstock

Design and Validation of the Readable Device: a single-cell Electromagnetic Refreshable Braille Display by Gemma Carolina Bettelani, Giuseppe Averta, Manuel Giuseppe Catalano, Barbara Leporini, and Matteo Bianchi

Braille Display for Portable Device Using Flip-Latch Structured Electromagnetic Actuator by Joonyeong Kim, Byung-Kil Han, Dongbum Pyo, Semin Ryu, Hanbyeol Kim, and Dong-Soo Kwon

StickyTouch: A Tactile Display with Changeable Adhesive Distribution by Yoshitaka Ishihara, Yuichi Itoh, Ryo Shirai, Kazuyuki Fujita, Kazuki Takashima, and Takao Onoye

Oral Session 6A: Vibrotactile Feedback

The Predictive Perception of Dynamic Vibrotactile Stimuli Applied to the Fingertip by John de Grosbois, Massimiliano Di Luca, Raymond King, and Mounia Ziat

A Rate-Scalable Perceptual Wavelet-based Vibrotactile Codec by Andreas Noll, Başak Güleçyüz, Alexander Hofmann, and Eckehard Steinbach

Incidental Categorization of Vibrotactile Stimuli by Juan Sebastian Martinez, Lori Holt, Charlotte Reed, and Hong Tan

Towards Multisensory Perception: Modeling and Rendering Sounds of Tool-Surface Interactions by Shihan Lu, Yang Chen and Heather Culbertson

Dimensional Reduction for 6D Vibrotactile Display by Ruisi Zhang, Trevor J. Schwehr and Jake J. Abbott Finalist, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

Vibrator Transparency: Re-using Vibrotactile Signal Assets for Different Black Box Vibrators without Re-designing by Yusuke Ujitoko, Koichi Hirota and Sho Sakurai Second Honorable Mention, Best Technical Paper Award

Edge Vibration Improves Ability to Discriminate Roughness Difference of Adjoining Areas by Yuki Ban, Yusuke Ujitoko and Kouta Minamizawa

Multi-Fingertip Vibrotactile Array Interface for 3D Virtual Interaction by Siyeon Baik, IlHwan Han, Jung-Min Park, and Jaeyoung Park

Oral Session 6B: Medical Haptics

Altering the Stiffness, Friction, and Shape Perception of Tangible Objects in Virtual Reality Using Wearable Haptics by David Steeven Villa Salazar, Claudio Pacchierotti, Xavier De tinguy de la girouliere, Anderson Maciel, and Maud Marchal Second Honorable Mention, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

Soft Pneumatic Actuator for Rendering Anal Sphincter Tone by Reza Haghighi Osgouei, Luc Marechal, Christos Kontovounisios, and Fernando Bello

Realistic Haptic Feedback for Material Removal in Medical Simulations by Maximilian Kaluschke, René Weller, Niels Hammer, Luigi Pelliccia, Mario Lorenz, and Gabriel Zachmann

Enabling In-Bore MRI-Guided Biopsies with Force Feedback by Samuel Frishman, Ali Kight, Ileana Pirozzi, Mela Camille Coffey, Bruce Daniel, and Mark Cutkosky

Wearable Dual-Frequency Vibrotactile System for Restoring Force and Stiffness Perception by Timothee Gathmann, S. Farokh Atashzar, Patrick Sagastegui, and Dario Farina

Object Shape and Surface Topology Recognition using Tactile Feedback Evoked through Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation by Luis Vargas, He (Helen) Huang, Yong Zhu, and Xiaogang Hu

Exploring the Effectiveness of Haptic Alarm Displays for Critical Care Environments by Parisa Alirezaee, Antoine Weill–Duflos, Joseph J. Schlesinger, and and Jeremy R. Cooperstock

Contracture Diagnosis System Using Wearable Tactile Sensor by Takahiro Suzuki, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Kazuhiro Niwa, and Takafumi Saito

Oral Session 7: Haptic Cues and Guidance

Hand Guidance Using Grasping Metaphor and Wearable Haptics by Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Nicole D’Aurizio and Domenico Prattichizzo Finalist, Best Technical Paper Award

Enhancing Physical Human Evasion of Moving Threats Using Tactile Cues by Aakash Bajpai, Justine Powell, Aaron Young, and Anirban Mazumdar

Spatially Separated Cutaneous Haptic Guidance for Training of a Virtual Sensorimotor Task by Casimir Smith, Evan Pezent and Marcia O’Malley

Power wheelchair navigation assistance using wearable vibrotactile haptics by Louise Devigne, Marco Aggravi, Morgane Bivaud, Nathan Balix, Catalin-Stefan Teodorescu, Tom Carlson, Tom Spreters, Claudio Pacchierotti, and Marie Babel

SwarmCloak: Landing of Two Micro-Quadrotors on Human Hands Using Wearable Tactile Interface Driven by Light Intensity by Evgeny Tsykunov, Ruslan Agishev, Roman Ibrahimov, Taha Moriyama, Luiza Labazanova, Hiroyuki Kajimoto, and Dzmitry Tsetserukou

Pseudo-sensation of Walking Generated by Passive Whole-body Motions in Heave and Yaw Directions by Tomohiro Amemiya, Michiteru Kitazaki and Yasushi Ikei